Equicare: Ready for clinical use within 60 days, guaranteed.

At Equicare we’ve always worked hard to meet your timelines.  Now, we guarantee it.

60 days, guaranteed

We’re committed to making our installation process quick and painless so you can get on with working with your patients.   Our 60 day guarantee means that if we can’t get your system ready for clinical use in 60 days, you’ll get a year of free support.  Ready to put us to the test?  Great!  Get in touch to finalize your contract and get your installation started.

Still have questions?  We’ve answered some of your questions below.  Contact us anytime to learn more.

What does Equicare do in that 60 day period?
We’ll configure the software and OIS interfaces to meet your needs, analyze your workflows to identify how Equicare can integrate into your daily operations, review your needs for clinical content, and provide training.  To complete this process we’ll ask your team to participate in a few meetings, and provide us with the info we need to set up the software for your organization.

When does the 60 days start?
Every Equicare installation begins with a kick off meeting.  We’ll start the 60 day count from that day.

Is my team involved in the install process?
Yes, to qualify for the guarantee, you have to meet all project milestones that are assigned to your team. During the kickoff meeting we will review all milestones with your team and make sure that they all make sense. If you hit your milestones, but we miss the 60 day window, you get a free year of support.

We need to go live sooner than 60 days.  Can you meet a shorter deadline?
Most of the time, yes!  If you need to go live in less than 60 days, contact us and let us know your timeline.  Usually we can accommodate your needs, and move even faster than 60 days.

Isn’t the first year of support free already?
You’re right, the first year of support is included in your warranty. If we don’t make our 60 day commitment, you’ll get a second year at no cost too.

What’s included in the free support year?
If we miss the 60 day install deadline, your year of support will include all aspects of our regular customer care program.  This includes:

  • Live support: from 6am to 7pm Pacific, business days
  • Maintenance releases: these ensure your system has the latest fixes for software and security issues as soon as they are available
  • Software upgrades: we include updates to existing modules; as well as brand new features and functionality
  • Clinical Content Updates:  we update a library of follow-up templates , questionnaires and educational material
  •  Installation of all new releases: our customer support team will install all updates and upgrades to minimize interruptions of your system.