Accreditation & Compliance Management

Accreditation & Compliance Management

Accreditation and regulatory compliance no longer need to be a time-consuming affair. Don’t spend hours searching for the information you need to meet accreditation and regulatory compliance for functional programs like CoC, NAPBC, NAPRC, MIPS, OCM, QOPI, ACR, OCM, etc.. Most information needed is automatically captured and stored in Equicare which serves as your centralized repository.

Functional Programs:

Introducing Functional Programs!  An easy way to manage program requirements especially since many consist of the same information.  For each of these programs, Equicare provides an overview, how ECS helps, a workflow recommendation for implementation and how to configure ECS to support the requirement.  For example:

Commission on Cancer Accreditation:


To earn or maintain CoC Accreditation, a cancer program must meet standards in five chapter areas:

How can ECS help?

ECS provides tools to support all requirements in the Chapter 3, Continuum of Care Services:

  • Complete the workflows needed to meet all Chapter 3 standards
  • Monitor compliance to Chapter 3 standards, for all eligible patients
  • Report compliance to the cancer committee as well as the surveyor
Example requirement:
  • Establish an on-site screening process to identify Psychosocial distress
  • Review screening results and asses for underlying causes
  • Provide patients with resources and/or referral for psychosocial needs
Example workflow:
  • Identify pivotal medical visits, when distress screening is administered
  • Assign validated distress screening patient questionnaire or clinician-administered questionnaire