About Us: Our Care Coordination & EHR Software Systems


Equicare Health was founded in 2006 with the mindset that cancer is not resolved solely through treatment alone. Statistics show that currently, there are 17-million cancer survivors living in the United States. This does not include an estimated 1.4 new cases diagnosed every year (according to the National Cancer Institute). Proper treatment of cancer requires a well-rounded approach that extends through a patient’s life. 

Our mission to help providers manage the “whole” cancer patient and not just the disease positioned Equicare Health as a Global leader in patient care coordination and patient engagement.   The team at Equicare are passionate about listening to our customers to innovate technology solutions to manage patient-centric triage and improve oncology care for patients through their cancer journey. Our reputation is further elevated by the experience and passion from our Board of Directors, Leadership Team and Product Developers. We are proud to possess a team of knowledgeable and driven developers who span across North America. 

Through their expertise, knowledge and ingenuity, we have created some of the most comprehensive web-based healthcare solutions for the radiation and medical oncology sector. We are recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in Canada according to Profit 500 and one of the top 100 fastest-growing companies in Vancouver. Despite this recognition up North, our software solutions have been utilized by hospitals, clinics, medical centers and patients across the United States and Internationally. 

We are proud to be healthcare partners with a number of organizations that help our customers stay up to date on the latest industry developments and regulations as well as to provide them with unparalleled interoperability.

Our solution, EQUICARE CS™ (ECS), is a web-based healthcare solution that supports patients throughout the care continuum. Our industry leading care coordination software works to improve clinical outcomes for patients and enable care providers to operate more effectively. ECS includes functionality for patient navigation, long-term follow-up and patient engagement. ECS delivers  services through interfaces with a variety of Hospital information systems to assist centers in managing large patient populations with minimal administrative overhead.