Symptom Assessment & Patient Reported Outcomes (PROMS)

With the Equicare symptom assessment PROMS module, patients can immediately document their symptoms, send them to their provider. Symptoms are automatically scored and providers can review outcomes via population based reports.

With our Symptoms Assessment & PROMS providers can:

  • Create symptom assessments based on disease site/treatment, etc..
  • Reduce the time spent by a patient answering unnecessary questions
  • Reduce interpretation time by the provider.
  • Utilize pre-defined library
  • Auto-assign based on the desired frequency
  • View on mobile, tablet or desktop
  • Set up auto-scoring in real-time based on your thresholds
  • Review out of range scores which are automatically flagged
  • Be alerted in real-time as patients complete their assessment
  • Access historical data at your fingertips including patients baseline

Assign Questionnaire:

Analyze & report on population based data

Correlating responses by:

  • age, gender, zip, etc..
  • view by diagnosis, site, stage, mets, etc..
  • treatment type eg. surgery, drug, dose, radiotherapy, etc..