Customer Referral

Calling all Equicare users!  Are you happy with your experience?  Do you know another organization that could benefit from care coordination?

Introducing the Equicare Customer Referral Program

If you’re a friend of Equicare, why not spread the good news?  Nothing instils confidence in a prospective customer like a recommendation from a current user, so if you’re happy with Equicare, we’d like to enlist your help. Provide us with a referral to a health care provider interested in Equicare, and to show our appreciation, we’ll provide both of your organizations with a credit worth up to $3000 if they purchase EQUICARE CS.

How does the referral program work?

Complete the form below to send us a referral, or just contact your sales manager with the details.  To qualify, the organization you refer to can’t be an existing Equicare customer.  If the organization you referred to us purchases EQUICARE CS we will provide both of your organizations with a credit worth up to $3000 following the purchase.  This credit can be used towards Equicare training, support, and services, registration at an educational event, or other avenues that suit your needs.  Rewards will be given to the referring and purchasing organizations, not to the individuals involved in the referral program.

  • Please provide some info about the person and organization you are referring.

  • Please share your own contact details.

More questions?  Please feel free to contact us at or  1-866-708-9075 (toll free) for more information about the referral program.