Year in Review of 2016

2016 finished on a high note for us at Equicare. We welcomed 25 new customers to our family with 60 facilities going live last year. Our highlights of 2016 included bringing greater diversity to our family . We welcomed a second customer from Puerto Rico, another from Australia and one from the UK. We saw our sites grow and service a whole range of cancer centers and patients around the world.


The Equicare Team continues to dream big in 2017. 2017 will see our team working hard on the release of ECS 4.7, an upgrade that welcomes a newly, modern designed patient portal with mobile support. The release will be unveiled later this year.

The Equicare Team will be back on the road this month at the  2017 HIMSS Annual Conference and Exhibition in Orlando, Florida. We will gather together with health members around the world to learn, network and connect with industry leaders working to open and innovate greater doors in the Health IT sector of healthcare. Our team is also excited to be exhibiting at NCBC for another year and presenting at this year’s March 14th Post-Conference session on  Survivorship: It’s Time for Clinical and Operational Specifics.

Join us and keep up-to-date on social media and our blog. We are excited to share with you the many things to come in 2017 for the Equicare Family.