Syneos Health Partners with Equicare, Optimizing Data Capture and Integration to Accelerate Clinical Trial Research

MORRISVILLE, N.C. – February 8, 2023 – Syneos Health® (Nasdaq:SYNH), the only fully integrated biopharmaceutical solutions organization, today announced a strategic partnership with Equicare to use proXimity™, an innovative cloud-based software platform that accelerates the transfer of clinical trial subject data from multiple electronic health records (EHR) to the sponsor’s electronic data capture systems (EDC).

Through the partnership, Syneos Health will use the proXimity platform to automate sponsor data transfers from EHRs to EDCs for clinical trials, helping to accelerate the performance of new therapies for patients. This collaboration support’s the Company’s commitment to listening and learning from sites and adapting to meet their most critical needs.

“At Syneos Health, we are committed to our customers, always. By partnering with Equicare to use proXimity, we are further addressing challenges sites and sponsors face regarding data capture, timelines and quality control,” said Michael Henning, President, Clinical Delivery, Syneos Health. “We’re confident this collaboration will help enhance the clinical trial experience for sites and sponsors by accelerating data entry and management to improve its accuracy and to help speed new therapies to patients.”

Typically, clinical trial subject data is transcribed manually by site coordinators or other staff from the EHR to the EDC, which is time-intensive and error-prone. proXimity automates this process and transfers the selected data from one system to another without the need for manual transcription, dramatically reducing the time needed to transfer data while helping to eliminate transcription errors.

While therapeutically agnostic, the proXimity software was first selected by NEXT Oncology – part of the Syneos Health Catalyst Site Program for phase I studies – as the exclusive tool to automate the transfer of clinical trial data from their EHR to EDC systems to speed the performance of new therapies in clinical trials. The platform now serves as a key tool for clinical trial data management, as well as assists sponsors in gaining access to their data to accelerate cancer research.

In a recently conducted proof of concept exercise where NEXT Oncology utilized proXimity to transfer data from the EHR to the Syneos Health managed EDC database, the data transfer was five times faster than manual entry and the data was transferred with 0% data entry errors, compared to a 3.5% error rate for manual data entry.

“We are using proXimity today for many of our studies and we are realizing the benefits as we are delivering the data to our sponsors more quickly with less errors,” said Dr. Anthony Tolcher, MD, Medical Oncologist and co-founder of NEXT Oncology. “In 2023, NEXT Oncology will utilize proXimity on all studies that utilize Medidata Rave as the EDC. We know this is the future to bring new therapies to cancer patients faster, and we are glad to have Syneos Health’s support with this strategy.”

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Equicare Health is the industry’s leading provider of comprehensive care coordination solutions for oncology. EQUICARE CS™ (ECS) is a multi-facility web-based software tool that facilitates patient engagement including patient reported outcomes, patient navigation, survivorship care and a several other clinical tools. proXimity is a tool set designed to automate data transfer between EMRs and EDCs in support of sponsored clinical trials. For more information, visit please visit

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