Patient Health Kiosk

With the Patient Kiosk, care providers can give patients an easy way to complete their assigned questionnaires while waiting for an appointment. Patients can access questionnaires from a tablet or mobile device — quick and easy.

Waiting Room Patients

For patients using this in a waiting room, we took steps to ensure data privacy. There are access restrictions in place so that no information can be seen other than the assigned questionnaires. Your patient doesn’t have an Equicare portal account? No problem. the kiosk can handles those patients too!

Auto Assignment

Assigning questionnaires based on a patients’ upcoming appointments are easy. Simply choose the appointment type and the questionnaire to assign, and you’re done. If you need something a little more detailed, you can also limit the rule using Appointment Status, Facility, and Primary Disease Site. Automatically assign a questionnaire for upcoming Lung Cancer Follow-ups, and another for all Initial Consultations.

Questionnaire Notifications

When it’s time for a patient to complete a questionnaire, EQUICARE can send the patient an email notification and patients can complete their questionnaire even if they don’t have a Patient Portal account.