Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for the New Year

Thank you for making 2016 a banner year for Equicare! We have been thrilled to welcome so many new users to the Equicare family this year and we look forward to supporting you and your patients for years to come.

We will continue to be open for support throughout the holidays, with the exception of closures on December 26th and January 2nd in lieu of Christmas and New Years Day.

Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season.

Equicare Health

Enhancing Patient Care: Utilizing Software in Chronic Illness Management

Innovation has taken great strides over the years as technology continues to grow and shift how we live, work and care in the spaces around us. We are collecting lots of data while we witness the consumerization of healthcare grow – we are living on the cusp of an evolution and increased sophistication of clinical technology in healthcare. The advancement in artificial intelligence (AI) within companies such as Google and Amazon[1] could forge new grounds in the way we coordinate patient care. Care management is evolving and the industry is taking note.

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Cancer Survivor Engagement: Your Successes & Challenges

We partnered with The Samfund at the 2016 ASTRO Annual Meeting, a yearly gathering held for the radiology oncology community dedicated to improving patient care, to survey attendees about their current approach to cancer survivor engagement, and the challenges they faced in doing more. It was an eye opening exercise with a positive outcome – we pledged to make a donation to The Samfund each time a survey was completed, and are pleased to donate $1500 to this great cause. Thanks to those who joined us at ASTRO!

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Interview with Samfund CEO, Samantha Watson: Insight into the intersection of finance & oncology


Last month we announced that we’ll be partnering with The Samfund at ASTRO, and today we’re pleased to share an interview with The Samfund CEO, Samantha Watson. Sam is a two-time young adult cancer survivor and passionate about providing support to other young adult survivors. It’s our pleasure to share her insight into the unique financial challenges faced by survivors, and how the healthcare industry has responded.

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What’s a Compliance Worklist?

We introduced the Compliance Worklist feature with v4.5 and our users have been thrilled with the functionality.  It’s powerful new toolset to meet your compliance goals with day to day tracking, and easy reporting.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t figure out a better way to name it. What is a Compliance Worklist and why should you care?

Take a look at this demo video to learn more about the great feature with the bad name:

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Lung screening demo video

Lung screening has become a hot topic since CMS and other private payers announced that they would reimburse care providers for lung screening services. This announcement is excellent news for the general public: lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer related mortality in the United States and screening can significantly improve outcomes by detecting lung cancer earlier when it is more treatable.

There are an estimated 8.7 million people eligible for lung screening in the US, which means providers will need to ramp up their screening programs to meet this need. EQUICARE CS includes a built in tool set to meet this specific need.  Learn more about how we support lung screening in the demo video below.

Implementing the Patient Centered Navigation Process

The Commission on Cancer Annual Conference is an excellent event that provides CoC-accredited programs with a better understand how to achieve compliance with the CoC Standards as well as best practices in meeting the standards.  The event format includes case studies from several accredited programs, including Equicare customer, Phelps County Regional Medical Center (PCRMC).   Carol Walter delivered an excellent presentation describing PCRMC’s journey towards not only accreditation, but to providing patient centered Navigation.

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Equicare v4.5 Training Webinar

We are proud to introduce significant improvements to EQUICARE CS and Active Patient Portal in release v4.5, and we’d like to share those improvements in a training webinar. In this session we’ll demonstrate features including major improvements to the Education Library, the addition of new features like Compliance Worklists, and updates to the treatment summary.

The upgrade is available to all Equicare customers in late May so please register for a training webinar to learn more.  These identical sessions are geared towards existing Equicare users, but will also be helpful to new or prospective users, so please register now to learn more! Read more

Oncology patient education demo video

Patient education is a crucial aspect of engaging patients along their cancer journey, but it can also be very time consuming and difficult to do well. As part of a project to improve this, we identified 4 major issues with the state of oncology education as we saw it:

  1. High cost. Whether the cost is in the resources required to create educational material, or the financial expense of purchasing educational material, it can add up quickly.
  2. Out of date or incomplete data. It’s hard to stay up to date when treatments change rapidly, especially when education is delivered in paper format.
  3. Lack of patient specificity.  A binder full of general oncology information may include everything the patient needs, but it’s not easy to wade through all that info to get to the relevant parts.
  4. Problems with delivery. Paper based education is still common, and when electronic education is used, it’s often hard to track.

Through a partnership with the oncology education leaders at OncoLink, we’re ready to unveil the next wave of oncology patient education. A library of over 500 articles, including over 200 drug fact sheets, is now part of ECS and these materials are kept up to date by the OncoLink experts. Materials are easily assigned based on the patient’s diagnosis and stage of care, and can be delivered online through he portal, or printed along with the care plan. In addition to this comprehensive library, it’s now possible to add custom material to provide patients with information on local cancer resources.

This feature is available in the next release of Equicare’s software in spring 2016. Contact us to learn more about oncology education, and take a look at the video below for a preview of how it works.