Equicare Health introduces Extract Engine 1.0 with expanded MOSAIQ integration

Vancouver, CANADA – March 7, 2017 Equicare Health Inc., the leading supplier of comprehensive care coordination solutions, releases Extract Engine 1.0 (EE 1.0) which streamlines data flow between Equicare products and oncology information systems (OIS), making access to new data less disruptive and seamless. The introduction of EE 1.0 greatly expands integration with Elekta’s MOSAIQ OIS, pulling over more data than ever.

“Extract Engine 1.0 represents a significant change to the way we develop and deliver our products,” says Malcolm Wright, VP of Product Management, “EE 1.0 is a separate package that collects data from third party systems and focuses on information that our products, ECS and APP, retrieves from the OIS. With EE 1.0, it will enable us to be more flexible and responsive in developing data solutions to meet the needs of our customers.”

The new EE 1.0 module expands MOSAIQ integration, which previously supported customers with  MOSAIQ for Radiation Oncology. With EE 1.0, MOSAIQ integration now includes support for Medical Oncology.

“A number of our current and prospective customers use MOSAIQ to manage their Radiotherapy and Medical Oncology practices,” Malcolm Wright continues, “With EE 1.0, it provides a comprehensive solution for our customers.”

EE 1.0 will take data from MOSAIQ 2.6 systems, including surgery, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, lab test results as well as toxicities during treatment and put that data into the navigation and survivorship area’s of EQUICARE products.

For customers operating a combination of ARIA and MOSAIQ OIS’, EE 1.0 continues to fully support the needs for data consolidation from multiple systems.

About Equicare Health
Equicare Health is the industry’s leading provider of comprehensive care coordination solutions.  Equicare’s flagship solution EQUICARE CS™ (ECS) is a web-based software tool that facilitates patient engagement, patient navigation, survivorship care, and adherence to standards including Meaningful Use & the Commission on Cancer.  ECS enables cancer centers to influence clinical outcomes for patients, optimize revenue streams, and increase operational efficiency. www.equicarehealth.com

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