Equicare Health Introduces a Cloud-based Hosting Solution through a Partnership with Iron Medical Systems

Vancouver, BC – April 15, 2014Equicare Health, a leading provider of care coordination software, is pleased to announce a partnership with private medical cloud solutions provider, Iron Medical Systems. Through the partnership, Equicare now offers healthcare organizations the ability to host cancer survivorship tool, EQUICARE CS™ (ECS), in Iron Medical’s secure, world class cloud, which is uniquely built for radiation and medical oncology centers.  The Iron Medical Systems cloud offers an unequalled, HIPAA compliant security regime that features daily backups and a thermo-regulated steel vault protected by armed guards and biometric security.

We are delighted to work with Iron Medical Systems to offer our customers a secure hosting solution for EQUICARE CS,” states Equicare’s president & CEO, Len Grenier.  “Healthcare organizations face growing demands on both their physical space and IT resources, and Iron Medical’s cloud hosted solution addresses both of these problems at once.  Additionally, the data security at Iron Medical is second to none, so customers can feel confident their data is safe within the cloud.

Iron Medical Systems co-founder, Mary Purkiss added, “We’re passionate about helping healthcare providers offer better services to their patients without negatively impacting their bottom line, so our secure cloud is a perfect fit for Equicare and the healthcare organizations they serve.  We look forward to working with Equicare to enable more oncology centers to take advantage of tools like ECS to improve outcomes for their patients.

EQUICARE CS™ is a web-based software solution that enables cancer centers to provide coordinated navigation, distress management, patient engagement and survivorship care planning programs that meet key accreditation milestones from the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer.   Patients engaged in proactive cancer survivorship programs may be able to detect and address recurrences and treatment related late effects earlier, for improved clinical outcomes.

About Iron Medical Systems
IMS-Tiny-LogoIron Medical Systems has been offering world-class private clouds, uniquely built for radiation and medical oncology centers since 2009. Unlike traditional hosting or storage companies, their solutions enable cancer centers to run their business affordably, securely and with never before seen efficiencies that deliver bottom-line value to the practice. Unlike commodity hosting companies that simply provide virtualized hardware and a fare-thee-well attitude, Iron Medical Systems spent more than 2 years and countless man hours reverse engineering the finest oncology support and EMR/EHR software. They have built a cloud that offers faster performance, more stability, incredible reliability, unmatched uptime and a world-class mirror and backup framework that requires virtually no change in policy or procedure, or significant effort from the practice.  For more information, please visit www.IronMedicalSystems.com