Equicare Announces Support for Meaningful Use with ECS v4.1

EQUICARE CS™ (ECS) is a web-based software solution that enables cancer centers to provide coordinated navigation, distress management, and survivorship care planning to improve clinical outcomes for patients, and achieve regulatory compliance.  Version 4.1 includes significant improvements to the reporting capabilities in ECS, a provision for controlled emergency access to patient records, and a quick link from ARIA to the patient reminders area in ECS.

ECS v4.1 has been reviewed by the Drummond Group and now enables organizations to meet the “Meaningful Use” requirements specified in the U.S. government’s ARRA-HiTech Act, which promotes the adoption of Electronic Health Records in order to reduce healthcare costs.  ECS satisfies meaningful use objectives to provide incorporated laboratory test results, demographics recording, patient specific education resources, patient reminders, electronic copies of health information, timely access, clinical summaries for each office visit, and meet privacy and security criteria (170.302c, d, f, g, h, m, o, w).

Advanced reporting functionality

One of the intentions of Meaningful Use standards is to enable users to electronically generate patient reminder lists for preventive or follow-up care based on patient communications preferences.  The updates in ECS v4.1 enable users to generate reports based on patient demographics, clinical condition, and date information with sophisticated search functionality that features multiple data elements.  This provides an easy way for organizations to identify and communicate with specific patient populations in need of screening appointment reminders, educational materials, check-up notifications or other health interventions.

Emergency access to patient records

The emergency access feature in v4.1 enables primary care providers to temporarily override security settings in order to access patient records that are essential to emergency care.  An automatic notification system monitors how this information is used and establishes accountability for the use of private patient information, while ensuring clinicians have the information they need to provide appropriate care. 

Quick access to ECS and patient portal directly from ARIA

Improved integration with ARIA (RO and MO) in ECS v4.1 now enables users to directly access the ECS patient reminders screens from a menu item within ARIA.

For more information on ECS or to learn about how Equicare can help you provide proactive survivorship care management and navigation services for your patients, please contact us at info@equicarehealth.com or 1-866-708-9075.

Download this information in pdf format here: pdf