Equicare Health Introduces New Version of Cancer Care Coordination Software

Vancouver, BC –  Equicare Health today announced a new release of its comprehensive care coordination software, EQUICARE CS™ (ECS). ECS v4.3 enables hospitals and cancer centers to deliver coordinated navigation, patient engagement, survivorship care planning, and distress management across multiple locations and different time zones with ease and efficiency.

“With locations spread across different cities, states, and time zones, and with the need for facility-specific branding and rules, multi-facility healthcare organizations struggle to coordinate patient care efficiently and cost-effectively. Our latest release of ECS targets these larger groups, by eliminating the need for multiple software installations and enabling care coordination and patient portal from a single, centralized platform,” says Malcolm Wright, Equicare VP of Product Management.

The new release of Equicare’s care coordination solution delivers widespread benefits for both cancer centers and their patients. Centralized reporting, enterprise-wide clinical resources, and facility-specific analytics in ECS v4.3 increase operational flexibility and efficiency for care providers. In addition, facility-specific branding, communication and patient portal resources improve usability and increase satisfaction for oncology patients.

Other new features of ECS v4.3 include:

  • increased security with encrypted database;
  • facility-specific patient segmentation to limit access to patient records;
  • reduced database size for more efficient maintenance and upgrades;
  • support for updated versions of MS SQL Server, MS Windows Server;
  • additional clinical content: pancreatic cancer.

Wright adds, “With the new enterprise capability, care providers can optimize patient care by sharing best practices and experiences between facilities, while reducing operational costs and improving compliance across the organization.”