What’s a Compliance Worklist?

We introduced the Compliance Worklist feature with v4.5 and our users have been thrilled with the functionality.  It’s powerful new toolset to meet your compliance goals with day to day tracking, and easy reporting.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t figure out a better way to name it. What is a Compliance Worklist and why should you care?

Take a look at this demo video to learn more about the great feature with the bad name:

Use the Built-in Worklists…

Use the built-in Compliance Worklists, like the CoC or MU worklists, to keep track of each patient and the progress you’ve made with each compliance measure. EQUICARE CS users have 6 default worklists included.

…or Build Your Own

Build your own Compliance Worklist by editing an existing worklist or creating a new one and then adding the EQUICARE tasks and events you need to track. When a task for a patient is completed or an event happens (like the patient submits a questionnaire), the worklist will update automatically.

Interested in learning more or seeing a demo? Contact us and we’ll show you how Compliance Worklists can help your organization meet your compliance goals.