Create a survivorship care plan in less than 5 minutes

Is it really possible to create a survivorship care plan that includes all of the Institute of Medicine’s recommendations in less than 5 minutes?  The answer from Equicare is an emphatic YES.   With the right tools you can prepare a comprehensive care plan that includes a treatment summary, targeted educational materials, scheduled questionnaires, a long term follow-up plan, care team contact info and more.

How do we compile all that data so quickly?  The key is in the interfaces we create between EQUICARE CS and your hospital information systems. By pulling existing patient data into the system, you eliminate manual data entry to very quickly prepare a patient specific care plan, which can be printed for patients and PCPs, and online through a patient portal.


Demo: Create a survivorship care plan in less than 5 minutes

If you want to see exactly how it works, just play the video below, where we walk through all the steps in care plan creation in just over 3 minutes

Learn more about EQUICARE CS or contact us for a live demo of the software.