What’s a Compliance Worklist?

We introduced the Compliance Worklist feature with v4.5 and our users have been thrilled with the functionality.  It’s powerful new toolset to meet your compliance goals with day to day tracking, and easy reporting.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t figure out a better way to name it. What is a Compliance Worklist and why should you care?

Take a look at this demo video to learn more about the great feature with the bad name:

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Equicare Health announces partnership with Boston based nonprofit, The Samfund, during ASTRO 2016 Annual Meeting

Vancouver, BC – Equicare Health Inc., a leading provider of care coordination software, is pleased to announce a partnership with The Samfund, a nonprofit organization that provides financial support for young adult cancer survivors. Equicare will incorporate The Samfund into their booth at the ASTRO 2016 Annual Meeting to increase awareness of local resources for cancer survivors. Equicare will also make a corporate donation to the organization.

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Lung screening demo video

Lung screening has become a hot topic since CMS and other private payers announced that they would reimburse care providers for lung screening services. This announcement is excellent news for the general public: lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer related mortality in the United States and screening can significantly improve outcomes by detecting lung cancer earlier when it is more treatable.

There are an estimated 8.7 million people eligible for lung screening in the US, which means providers will need to ramp up their screening programs to meet this need. EQUICARE CS includes a built in tool set to meet this specific need.  Learn more about how we support lung screening in the demo video below.

Implementing the Patient Centered Navigation Process

The Commission on Cancer Annual Conference is an excellent event that provides CoC-accredited programs with a better understand how to achieve compliance with the CoC Standards as well as best practices in meeting the standards.  The event format includes case studies from several accredited programs, including Equicare customer, Phelps County Regional Medical Center (PCRMC).   Carol Walter delivered an excellent presentation describing PCRMC’s journey towards not only accreditation, but to providing patient centered Navigation.

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Equicare Health announces strategic partnership with Alliance Oncology

Vancouver, BC – June 21, 2016Equicare Health Inc., a leading provider of care coordination software, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Alliance Oncology, a division of Alliance HealthCare Services, Inc. (NASDAQ:AIQ). As the nationwide leader in radiation oncology and radiosurgery programs, Alliance Oncology partners directly with hospitals, physicians and other healthcare providers to offer the latest oncology technologies to their patients.  Through the partnership, Equicare’s EQUICARE CS™ software suite will form the infrastructure for oncology patient management throughout 26 Alliance treatment centers.

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Lung screening: A promising line of defense in the lung cancer battle

Lung screening recently moved to the forefront of the cancer prevention discussion. As you may be aware, lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in both men and women in the United States—and incidence is on the rise.1 Unfortunately lung cancer isn’t typically caught until the late stages when prognosis is poor, but lung screening programs can help increase survival odds by identifying cancer in its early stages.

In 2011, the National Lung Screening Trial (NLST) demonstrated a 20% reduction in lung cancer mortality using low-dose CT scanning for high-risk patients. In response to this study, the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) released lung screening recommendations aimed at patients aged 55 to 80 who are current (or former) smokers with a 30-pack-year smoking history. When Medicare announced coverage for low-dose CT lung screening programs in February 2015, hospitals and cancer centers across the U.S. began launching their own screening programs.

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Equicare Health introduces features to operationalize the process of meeting Commission on Cancer accreditation in new software release

Vancouver, CANADA – May 12, 2016Equicare Health Inc., the leading supplier of comprehensive care coordination solutions, today announces the release of the latest version of their software products, EQUICARE CS™, and Active Patient Portal. The v4.5 release includes a new feature called Compliance Worklists, which operationalizes the process of meeting industry standards like Commission on Cancer (CoC) Accreditation, Meaningful Use, and more.

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Equicare Health included in Branham300 list of Top Canadian Information & Communication Technology Companies

Vancouver, CANADA – April 25, 2016 – Equicare Health Inc., the leading supplier of comprehensive care coordination solutions, has been included in the Branham300 List, a 2015 ranking of Canada’s top Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Companies. Equicare was also ranked 12th, in the category of Movers & Shakers, a list that recognizes the 25 organizations that have grown the most significantly in the previous year.

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