Equicare Health in the BIV TOP100 Fastest Growing Companies List

Equicare Health on the BIV Fastest Growing Companies LIst 2013We are pleased to announce that Equicare Health has made Business in Vancouver’s list of Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies in BC for 2013.  The awards measure growth in revenue over a 5 year period, and Equicare placed 12th overall.

How did we do it?  Equicare’s President & CEO, Len Grenier, answers a few questions below  to provide some insight on how the company has succeeded in growing during a market recession.

What have been some of your greatest challenges in the past 5 years?

Introducing new healthcare technology to the US market during a recession, while also trying to raise funds as an early stage company has certainly proven challenging.  EQUICARE CS provides an innovative, and very effective approach long term patient care, but introducing a disruptive product at a time when many health care organizations are focusing their investment on upgrading their EHR technology is tough.  We’ve seen time and time again how healthcare organizations and their patients benefit both operationally and clinically through our tools but it’s a difficult road when organizations are facing dramatic changes in the regulatory regime that governs health-care IT. 

What are some key business lessons you’d share from your years in business?

Customer focused product development has got to remain front and center in our minds.  This ensures that we evolve based on real needs, rather than trends.  To remain focused on customers we keep our finger on the pulse of the industry, which includes looking ahead to the ever-changing healthcare regulations that impact the tools the market is asking for.  Equicare is fortunate to have an incredibly talented team with both clinical and technical expertise; having the right people makes a huge difference not only to the quality of the product, but also to the level of customer satisfaction, and office morale in general. 

How have changes to accreditation and regulation in the healthcare industry affected you in the past few years?

The ARRA-HiTech Act included a component intended to reduce the rate of growth of healthcare costs in the US by mandating the adoption of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) using a combination of incentives and penalties.  This has lead to a significant increase in spend on EHRs and tended to deplete IT budgets that might have been directed elsewhere.  The need to demonstrate Meaningful Use of EHR’s has been positive for us in that it has helped drive the sale of our patient engagement product, but may have focused budget away from important healthcare tools, such as survivorship and navigation software.

Looking towards 2015, the Commission on Cancer, the dominant accreditation body for cancer centers in the US, has published audit requirements which state that all accredited cancer centers must comply with new Continuity of Care requirements by having a navigation program in place, a standard means of performing psychosocial distress assessments, and a survivorship program for all their new analytic cases.  Our product is currently the only commercial product in the market that assists customers to be compliant with all three requirements and has been cited by the CoC as a best practice.  We feel confident that Equicare has a real opportunity to both improve quality of care for patients, and meeting our customers’ accreditation needs through ECS.

What are some key issues to watch over the next 12 months that will affect the healthcare sector?

Because our customers are so heavily US-based, the evolving regulatory environment in healthcare in the US is one of the driving forces in product adoption for us.  Our software is ahead of the curve in terms of regulatory compliance, so we anticipate a strong response to increasingly stringent health care regulations, but we understand that the healthcare landscape continues to change and our ability to adapt rapidly is important to succeeding.

Equicare Health is a Vancouver based company with a global customer based and partnerships with Varian Medical Systems, the American Association for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO), and Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society among others.  For more information about Equicare or our products, please contact us.

Welcome Margaret Nash, VP of Sales

to get her insights on the  value of healthcare IT, as well as the merits of her mom’s apple pie…..

What was your first job?
Well this question is going to show my age unfortunately- my first job was exporting cobalt machines and sources to hospitals throughout the world.

What are you most proud of in your career so far?
That I have been able to work with healthcare providers, gain a deeper understanding of their needs, and ultimately find solutions that enable them to make a difference in the lives of oncology patients and their families.

What are you most looking forward to working on at Equicare?
Mostly, I’m looking forward to working with this incredibly talented start up organization in an effort to supply healthcare providers and patients with the tools to manage chronic illnesses.

What do you think of the state of the Healthcare IT industry and its future?
That’s a tough question. Honestly Obama care is scaring a lot of people and causing an uproar. The next 18 months will be interesting.

How have you seen technology improve the lives of those suffering from long term conditions or illnesses?
I think the answer lies in the question, in that today many conditions can be managed. For example, years ago no one would have referred to cancer as being a manageable disease. We treated the cancer, but it was viewed by the patient as a death sentence. Today, through the advancement of many different technologies, clinicians can detect and diagnose cancer down to the biological level, customize a treatment regime and create a pathway for a patient to participate in their own care plan post treatment. Technology has made this all possible.

I’m reminded by this even more everyday when I’m able to talk to my mom!  She had stage 3 breast cancer, both breasts were preserved and shes been cancer free for almost 5 years now. Years ago, she would have been looking at a radical mastectomy and I can almost guarantee that her outlook on life wouldn’t even be close to where it is today.

What are you reading right now?
I’m just getting ready to start a new one titled “Half Time”. My husband thought I would enjoy it. I’ll have to let you know if he was right.

You need to go on holiday tomorrow- where would you go?
That’s easy –  Curacao !

What would you eat for your last meal on earth?
Ahh, another easy one, “my mom’s hot apple pie”

We’re pleased to welcome Marageret to the team and look forward to her contributions.  Want to ask her a question about her next holiday in Curacao or get her thoughts on the healthcare industry?  Feel free to send her a message at margaret.nash@equicarehealth.com 

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