EQUICARE CS™ includes industry leading survivorship software tools that enables healthcare organizations to provide long term care plans, improve clinical outcomes for patients, and streamline workflows. Launched in 2007, Equicare Survivorship has been successfully implemented in healthcare centers around the world, and has become renowned for the financial, administrative and clinical benefits it provides to organizations.

Equicare is built using Microsoft’s .Net architecture and is easily scaled from a small single-user system to an enterprise-wide network. With an intuitive user interface and integration with your existing Oncology Information Systems, Equicare Survivorship is both powerful and easy-to-use. Please contact us to learn more or schedule a demo.

OIS Integration2

Equicare CS Survivorship helps you:

check mark Rapidly prepare detailed care plansThrough EQUICARE CS, long term survivorship care plans can be quickly and easily prepared, and then printed or provided to patients online using the patient portal. Care Plans can also be auto-faxed to PCPs or provided to them on-line using the PCP portal. Care plans can be completely customized for patients or use care plan templates based on NCCN guidelines. check mark Improve clinical outcomes for your patientsPatients engaged in proactive survivorship care plans are more likely to detect and address recurrences and treatment related late effects earlier. Additionally, by monitoring patient appointment and consultation attendance, you can follow up to ensure no patient falls through the cracks.
check mark Retain patients within your organizationA managed survivorship program enables you to efficiently manage the population of patients, monitoring appointment attendance, following up on missed appointments and increasing patient engagement.  This facilitates patient retention by providing an active link to survivors for any necessary follow up procedures. check mark Increase patient satisfactionEQUICARE CS includes access to Patient Portal, a secure online interface that provides patients with the ability to view and manage treatment summaries, appointment schedules, educational information and more. By empowering patients to become active participants in their care, your organization can increase patient satisfaction.
check mark Allocate resources efficientlyOncologists are often a limited resource for clinics. By modeling the expertise and best practices of oncologists, and sharing it with program operators, Equicare’s Survivorship program optimally allocates these resources and empowers Nurse Practitioners and Navigators to perform much of the Survivorship workload, freeing oncologists to focus on active treatments. check mark Improve work flow efficienciesEquicare’s paperless system eliminates the myriad of spreadsheet, documents and paper trails often required to manage patients. Through workflow templates, automated appointment reminders, work-lists and care plans, Equicare streamlines your workflow, and frees up personnel resources to focus on patient care.