EQUICARE CS™ (ECS) is a complete oncology patient management solution designed to enable healthcare providers to effectively coordinate care for patients on their journey through screening, treatment and into survivorship. ECS includes tools for navigation, survivorship care planning, psycho-social distress management, and  patient engagement, including a patient portal with all of the features found in Active Patient Portal (APP).

Follow-up survivorship care planning can help retain patients within your care network to ensure they receive the care required for best health outcomes. By using an electronic system to manage patients, organizations are typically able to operate more efficiently and see more patients. The improvements in patient retention and operational efficiency can enable your organization to realize a return on investment in survivorship.  Get an estimate of your ROI today.

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ECS Includes….

  • EQUICARE CS healthcare teamInterfaces with your OIS (ARIA®  & MOSAIQ). These interfaces can eliminate manual or duplicate data entry. Equicare also supports HL7 interfaces to most hospital information systems.
  • A complete library of 500+ educational articles from OncoLinkTopics include general oncology information, treatment options, managing side and late effects, as well as over 200 drug fact sheets.
  • Compliance worklists.  Identify patients and actions to complete to monitor progress towards goals like CoC Accreditation or Meaningful Use.  Take action and the list updates in real time.
  • Support for 28 disease sites
  • A library of follow-up templates from the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN)
  • A library of patient and operational reports to monitor ativity in real time, and tools to create custom patient reports
  • A library of over 75 questionnaires, including the NCCN distress thermometer, FACIT questionnaires and the option to create questionnaires.
  • Configuration options. Customize branding and visual identity,  patient communication templates, clinical content, and operational rules (eg. clinician alert thresholds).
  • Implementation and installation support. Equicare provides interface configuration, workflow analysis, clinical content review, onsite training, documentation, and phone and email customer support.  Learn more about our customer support.
  • Drummond CertificationA suite of marketing templates. A Customer Marketing Kit helps you inform patients, your organization, your community and the media about the services you offer through customizable marketing templates. Contact us for access to the Marketing Kit.
  • A Meaningful Use-certified patient portal, with all the features included in APP.  Learn more about APP.

 Core features:

Commission on Cancer (CoC) Accreditation

The 1,500+ cancer facilities in the US that are accredited by the CoC are required to have a formal plan for the delivery of Continuum of Care Services by 2013 and to begin implementation of these plans by 2015 in order to maintain accreditation. EQUICARE CS meets all three requirements for Continuum of Care Services today: patient navigation process, psychosocial distress screening, and survivorship care planning.

Green checkPatient Navigation Green checkPsychosocial Distress Screening Green checkSurvivorship Care Planning
  • Identify, address & report on problems and barriers to patient care
  • Track & report on referrals made for your patients, both internally and outside your care network
  • Track & report the time Navigators spend on patient management tasks
  • Customize workflow templates to suit your needs. For example, use a template that streamlines your lung screening program
  • Complete patient charting (encounters, assessments, visit notes etc.)
  • Capture patients into your navigation program based on the results of screening tests, pathology, or a lab system with our interface engine
  • Push chart notes out to your EMR, OIS, or other hospital system
  • Administer and track results of questionnaires and distress assessments
  • Select from a library of FACIT questionnaires included with ECS, or create your own custom questionnaires
  • Administer questionnaires in English or Spanish
  • Aggregate questionnaire responses into population reports
  • Set questionnaire scoring thresholds to provide real-time feedback for patients based on their responses
  • Set clinical alerts when responses to patient questionnaires are out of an expected or safe range
  • Rapidly create patient and condition specific follow-up schedules based on templates from the NCCN
  • Meet ASCO-QOPI® and ASTRO standards for care plans
  • Create custom follow-up schedule based on your organization’s recommendations
  • Incorporate the follow-up schedule into a complete Survivorship Care Plan, including educational material, care team contact details, and a treatment summary
  • Deliver care plan in print, auto-fax to physicians, or online through a PCP or Patient Portal
  • Enable patients to set email or text message reminders for both scheduled appointments and recommended follow-ups