Active Patient Portal

Active Patient Portal (APP) is a secure, web-based portal designed specifically for oncology patients. APP can help patients and their families gain a deeper understanding of their medical condition and stay connected to their care team throughout treatment.  With secure access through a standard web browser, and an intuitive user interface, APP is easy to use and implement for both patients and care providers.

PrintEnsuring that patients have reliable, secure access to their personal health information is a central component in the ARRA-HITECH Act, which promotes the “Meaningful Use” of healthcare information technology.  Active Patient Portal meets this need by providing patients with anytime, anywhere electronic access to their oncology specific personal health information.

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APP Benefits for your organization

Meaningful Use Certification Patient Engagement Operational Efficiencies
  • APP meets the following MU Objectives: Patient Electronic Access (VDT),  Secure Messaging & Patient Education
  • APP is interoperable with ARIA®, MOSAIQ, or both
  • APP includes an MU dashboard for MOSAIQ users, and can also be incorporated into the ARIA® MU dashboard to make attesting for MU a seamless
  • Provide anytime, anywhere access to up-to-date health information to patients
  • Improve appointment attendance by enabling patients to set up email or text message appointment reminders
  • Provide patients with real time feedback on their questionnaire results
  • Deliver patient specific educational material from an OncoLink library
  • Provide online tools for patients to communicate with physicians and staff
  • Allow family members to access the portal on behalf of the patient to remain involved in the care of their loved one
  • Track and manage MU compliance and new patient activation with interactive worklists
  • Deliver lab & test results to patients automatically
  • Enable patients to complete forms and questionnaires at home, saving time in the clinic
  • Reduce manual data entry by populating data into care plans directly from your OIS
  • Keep patient-facing treatment data updated in real time through your OIS.
  • Go paperless by providing information through the portal
  • Connect to PCP’s in your referral network through the online portal or auto-faxing of care plans

APP BENEFITS for your patients

Active Patient Portal

Patients can do all of the following within APP:

  • Request, change or cancel appointments online
  • Receive email or text message reminders for upcoming scheduled appointments
  • View contact info for their entire care team, and communicate with them via secure messaging
  • View a summary of health information, download it to their own computer, and securely send this health information to another healthcare provider
  • View a summary of their treatment history, medications, and lab results
  • Complete questionnaires and forms online
  • Learn more about their condition and side effects of treatment with easy to read, relevant educational materials from OncoLink
  • Authorize a friend or family member to access and interact with their health information in the patient portal